Diagnosing pain in dogs or cats

Diagnosing your dog or cat with pain begins with a complete physical exam by one of our “pain vets” at Brandon Lakes Animal Hospital in Riverview, Florida at Winthrop Town Center. Dr. Woodside or Dr. Heppner will evaluate your pet during the complete physical exam, including a musculoskeletal exam and neurologic exam.  Both of these Brandon or Riverview veterinarians have tremendous experience in diagnosing bone pain, hip pain, elbow pain, back pain, neck pain, and abdominal pain including stomach pain and intestinal pain in dogs or cats.  They can localize nerve pain to the precise area in most cases to achieve a diagnosis and help decrease the pain and suffering in your pet. Our veterinarians may recommend x-rays, ultrasound studies, CT scan, or MRI to fully diagnose the cause of pain in pets. Sometimes these diagnostic plans include sedation or general anesthesia to get the best result to treat your pet with pain.

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